Bernardy Family Update

Bernardy Family Update

Hello, friends! It’s been a while since we gave a family update. The main reason it has been so long is that so much has been happening! Here are a few highlights from this year so far:

Caitlynn and Ryan moved to Kansas City.

Caitlynn was offered the job of her dreams right around the time that Ryan realized he needed to go full-time with Sweet Feeders, to take things to the next level. While it was incredibly hard to move away from family, they are. so glad that they can continue the partnership from a distance. Ryan loves working full-time for Sweet Feeders!

Caitlynn & Ryan near Country Club Plaza. They call KC “The City of Fountains” for a reason!

Our online sales took off!

The weekend that we packed up our 30 ft. moving truck to make the 8+ hour drive to Kansas City, Ryan didn’t think we needed to turn off the online stores. Sales had been steady, but not crazy. HA! In an insane but wonderful turn of events, the month of April broke sales records, week after week! This was fantastic, but meant all-hands-on-deck crafting and shipping orders, in the midst of setting up Sweet Feeders workshop 2.0 in KC!

But seriously, we are so grateful.

Mother’s Day rush!

Lindsey, Caleb, and the girls visited the Kansas City crew.

About a month after Caitlynn and Ryan moved to KC, the rest of the team drove up to visit and grab some inventory for a show in Texas. It was wonderful to have a reunion, especially since we were used to a 2-minute walk between our houses. 😢

Caleb and the littlest one, waiting outside the renown Kansas City Joe’s! It was worth the wait.

Caleb and Lindsey are moving, too! But not to KC.

Change is contagious, it would seem. Caleb and Lindsey just put their house on the market. While they have no plans to leave Texas and join the KC crew, they are excited for road ahead!

So, what next? We’re honestly not sure of all the ins-and-outs the next few years hold for the Sweet Feeders team (who is?)! We do know a few things, though:

  1. We really miss living near each other!
  2. We love being a part of the family business together, even at a distance!
  3. Kansas City is really cool.
  4. Having two workshops is complicated but also very convenient at times.
  5. Sweet Feeders is going strong, and we have great expectations for 2019!

That’s all for now, folks. Thank you for hanging in here and caring about the family behind Sweet Feeders. We are grateful for you!

All the best,

Caitlynn, for the Sweet Feeders team

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