Building Rest Into Your Business

Building Rest Into Your Business

Spring is giving way to summer sun and, for normal people, that means it’s time for a vacation.

I wouldn’t call entrepreneurs normal people, though. They tend to hustle when other people are taking a break. They seem to thrive on the high that comes from pushing through to make the deadline or reach the goal.

When you own your own business there’s always something to do, always a problem to fix, and always an email to read or send. There’s always a detail that needs to be thought through. There’s always something left undone on the list at the end of the day.

Can you relate?

If there’s one thing we here at Fourth and Forrest have learned it’s that as small business owners we need time to rest. Time to step away, clear our head, and gain a new perspective. Time to slow down.

It doesn’t have to be a $10,000 trip to Hawaii. It can be a cabin by a river. It can be a hotel in the middle of a big city. Take a hike or sit by a pool. Think of what gives you peace and creative energy and go from there.

Leave your phone and laptop in your room and take a pen and paper. As you sit without any distractions I bet you’ll be amazed at your clarity of thought. Jot down ideas and things you can add or take away from your business or personal life as they come to mind.

Taking the time to rest and enjoy down time is essential to good business. Burnout is a real and dangerous thing. We were created to need rest, and it’s okay to take it.

How do you like to make time to rest?

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