Classic Four Station Window Feeder

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Four feeding stations. One perch

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Window feeders are some of our most popular feeders, and this is our biggest and best of that line! This window hummingbird feeder allows you to watch your flying friends up close from inside the comfort of your home. Even when there are no hummingbirds around, your Sweet Feeder will add a touch of beauty to your window!

Multiple stations allow you to enjoy several hummingbirds at once. A built-in perch by the lowest station allows a hummingbird to rest while it drinks, meaning you get more observation time. too!

Instructions for Use

Because sugar water spoils so quickly in the sun, our innovative design allows for a simple exchange to give the freshest nectar possible. To remove an empty bottle just twist and pull; insert the fresh bottle for an easy refill. You can purchase extra bottles on our website, too! Fill all of your feeder bottles with nectar at the same time, and keep the spares in your refrigerator. This way, when one of the in-use bottles is used up, you can quickly replace it with a bottle from your fridge!

To mount your feeder, wipe off the surface of the suction cups and ensure that your window surface is clean and dry. Fill your feeder tubes with fresh nectar, and put them back into your feeder before mounting. Gently press the center of each cup against the glass, and they should seal against the surface. Wet the inner surface of the suction cups if they are not sticking well. Sit back and enjoy!

Artistic Variation

Our products are made by hand; therefore each one is unique in design. Colors of flowers vary depending on what the team member selected when creating each specific feeder. We use pure copper for our handcrafted feeders, so you may notice some irregularities in the copper color of your feeder. Additionally, pure copper acquires a patina over time, enhancing the natural look of the feeder.

Any Questions?

Visit our F.A.Q. page, or contact us through our contact form!


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