Run Your Business from Your Smartphone

Run Your Business from Your Smartphone

Running your own business is hard. It is complicated, expensive, and has the tendency to drive you a little bit crazy, at times! As an entrepreneur, you are expected to wear a dozen different hats on any given week, hats that would be delegated to a dozen different departments, in a larger corporation.

One way that the Sweet Feeders team handles the juggling act of small business, while remaining committed to excellence (and having a life!), is through maximizing the use of our smartphones. I know, that sounds so very…millennial.  But this post is not about cutting corners or doing less-than-quality work. Here at Sweet Feeders, we are committed to doing things the right way, the first time. That being said, we believe that a commitment to excellence does not negate efficiency, economy, or simplicity. Far from that, a holistic excellence in life is supported by those three qualities.

Last year, Lindsey and I (Caitlynn writing) each invested in iPhone 8 plus. Here are a few ways these little machines have helped us run this show:

  • Efficiency – Instead of switching back and forth between a computer, a camera, and a phone, the iPhone 8 plus (and now newer versions, like Ryan’s iPhone XS) consolidates them all into one. For example, we can seamlessly take pictures, edit them on the phone with Adobe Lightroom, and then upload them to our shop, or airdrop them to a teammate. My phone helps me be more efficient in many other ways, including the ability to complete a task when I think of it and do not have access to a computer, or creating a quick graphic on my Canva app.


  • Economy – This does not mean that quality smartphones are not expensive, or that you should buy a cheap smartphone. Chances are, you already have, or will at some point, invest in a decent smartphone. Our logic is that, if you are already spending several hundred dollars on a good phone, it is actually cheaper to upgrade to a slightly nicer phone with a great camera, than it is to outright buy a quality DSLR. Plus, if you don’t have a background in photography, the automation of iPhones and other cell cameras is very helpful. Our former-photographer-turned-designer sister-in-law over at Blank Slate Reno sold her fancy DSLR, and is very happy with her stunning feed of iPhone XR shots!


  • Simplicity – While simplicity seems quite similar to the first point of efficiency, I want to get at how helpful it has been, just in terms of mental organization, to be able to have basically everything I need for my work responsibilities, on my phone. While we do need computers for bigger projects, such as blogging or making major website edits in WordPress; the every-day business of shop maintenance, social media, and customer service can all be handled through the phone. This means I don’t have to worry about lugging a computer bag with me wherever I go, and I can easily access information for our business while I am at a show, or otherwise out and about. My husband can rely on notifications through his Etsy or Amazon apps, so he doesn’t have to constantly check on his computer to see if an order needs to go out.


Ultimately, every business and every person has to decide what works best for them, in terms of systems and tools. This is an ever-evolving, unending pursuit, though! So, whether you have a well-oiled routine or are just starting a new business/phase of life, I want to encourage you to take the time to figure out how you can best make your phone work for you. Let us know some of your favorite tips!

All the best,



Born a world traveler, Caitlynn has settled in Cleburne to continue doing what she loves – investing in her family and community while capturing beauty with her camera and her writing. Caitlynn also has a background in customer service, administrative support, and sales. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Ryan.

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