Classic Four Station Perch Feeder: Aluminum



Introducing our ALL NEW ALUMINUM SERIES hummingbird feeder: the Aluminum Classic Four Station Perch Feeder!


Key Features
  • Made from solid aluminum wire: The durable, lightweight, and tarnish-resistant frame of this feeder will hold up in any weather! The electro-polished finish protects the frame from rust, providing a lifetime shine!
  • Sticks directly to your window: The unique suction-cup design allows you to watch hummers up close!
  • Simple glass bottles: No more wasting your nectar or cleaning a bulky feeder with our easy-fill/easy-clean bottles. Simply twist and pull to remove and refill our solid glass bottles. Store extra bottles in your refrigerator for an easy swap!
  • Trendy design: The silver-like color of this modern and minimal feeder allows you to feed your hummers in style!
  • Includes four stations and a perch: Feed several hummers at once with 4 bottles!


Instructional Brochure (included with every purchase)

Worried about ants, bees, cleaning the bottles, or making the nectar? We’ve got you covered!! We provide an instructional brochure, with every purchase, that provides all the necessary information needed to maintain your feeder – so that you get the MOST out of your Sweet Feeders experience!


See our PDF tutorial for easy removal and refilling of bottles.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs


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