Classic Four Station Window Feeder


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Four feeding stations. One perch


This Classic Four Station Window Feeder allows you to watch your flying friends up close from inside the comfort of your home. Even when there are no hummingbirds around, your Sweet Feeder will add a touch of beauty to your window!

Multiple stations allow you to enjoy several hummingbirds at once. A built-in perch by the lowest station allows a hummingbird to rest while it drinks, meaning you get more observation time, too!

Because sugar water spoils so quickly in the sun, our innovative design allows for a simple exchange to give the freshest nectar possible. To remove an empty bottle just twist and pull; insert the fresh bottle for an easy refill.

Our products are made by hand; therefore each one is unique in design. We use pure copper for our handcrafted feeders, so you may notice some irregularities in the copper color of your feeder. Additionally, pure copper acquires a patina over time, enhancing the natural look of the feeder. If you want to clear-coat the feeder to avoid the patina, check out the recommended products listed on the sidebar!

We leave the copper of our feeders raw, however, as we like the weathered look they eventually acquire. You can also shine them up after they patina by using your favorite brass and copper polish. Either way, it is up to you!

See our PDF tutorial for easy removal and refilling of bottles.

1 review for Classic Four Station Window Feeder

  1. Jaclyn C.

    Our San Francisco backyard hummingbirds are delighted with this feeder! The tubes are a genius idea! Easy to throw in the dishwasher and keep clean, they hold just enough sugar water for the hummingbird’s so I don’t have any issues with the sugar spoiling. The red tubetop is attractive to the birds but I think the flowers helped. I ordered an extra set of tubes to keep in the fridge for quick refills which has become very helpful given the feeder’s growing popularity! Fast shipping, great product- thank you!

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