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Four extra glass feeding bottles.


These tough little bottles are a key ingredient to what makes our feeders so unique. The clear glass doesn’t detract from the beauty of the copper or, more importantly, of the hummingbirds on the feeder. They are small enough to fit into a multitude of designs, and yet large enough to hold the right amount of nectar. The surface tension is such that nectar will not spill out even if a bottle is suspended upside-down. The bright red rubber stoppers help to attract hummingbirds, as well.

It’s always a good choice to add extra bottles to your order! Keep a few extra bottles on hand in case one of your original bottles is dropped and breaks. Also, if you have extra bottles on hand, you can fill all of your feeder bottles with nectar at the same time, and keep the spares in your refrigerator. This way, when one of the in-use bottles is used up, you can quickly replace it with a bottle from your fridge!

Because sugar water spoils so quickly in the sun, our innovative design allows for a simple exchange to give the freshest nectar possible. To remove an empty bottle just twist and pull; insert the fresh bottle for an easy refill. A stock of extra bottles in the fridge makes this process quick and easy!

***4 bottles included***

1 review for Extra Bottles

  1. Cobus Bester

    Simple and effective design. One of my favorites.

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