Sweet Feeders; Our Most Often asked Questions

Sweet Feeders; Our Most Often asked Questions

We talk to a lot of people at shows and via email. We hear a lot of stories, and see a lot of pictures of back yards and patios. We love this part of our job!

We also answer a lot of questions because our product is so unique. Here’s a list of the most popular questions and their answers.

|How often will I have to fill the bottles?

During the hottest part of the summer you will most likely need to refill your bottles 1-2 times per week, depending on how many hummingbirds you have. This is made much easier if you have extra bottles already full of sugar water waiting in the fridge.

|How do I prevent a bully hummingbird from keeping the others away?

Try putting feeders on opposite sides of your home. That way your bully can’t guard the one he doesn’t see.

|How can I attract hummingbirds to my yard?

Keep your sugar water fresh, and provide color in your yard. Add plants and flowers that are native to your area. You can read more here, where we detail more ideas.

We hope that your questions have been covered. You can find Sweet Feeders on our website, Etsy, and Amazon.

From our home to yours, happy hummingbird watching!

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