The Importance of Making Small Business Personal

The Importance of Making Small Business Personal

We live in a small town in North Texas where there’s only one coffee shop. By osmosis it’s the hub for networking with other business professionals.

Bankers, lawyers, doctors, tradesmen, stay at home moms, retired men and women, entrepreneurs, and students all gather together most every day to grab their coffee. Since we live in the south there’s always time for conversation and questions like, “How’re the kids?” or “I heard your wife was under the weather. Is she better?”

So much is online these days, but there’s something to be said for the daily face to face conversations that can make your business personal.

There are real people in your community with real faces who experience real needs. What if the foundation of your small business was made of taking the time to talk with the people around you to better gauge how you can offer a service they need?

How can you make this a practical part of your day?

Slow Down. Don’t rush in and out of places. Linger. Make eye contact. Smile. A person’s whole countenance can change when someone smiles at them in a genuine way. Believe me when I say that you will stand out in people’s minds if you will take time for them.

Say Hello. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation; and not just a conversation that seems like you’re pushing your business or product. Be heartfelt. Listen. Hear what they’re saying. Respond. It’s not hard, but it’s not always easy, either. It takes practice. Wouldn’t you love to be known as someone who is genuinely interested?

Small business is personal. That’s what makes it so special. Take advantage of all the ways you can meet new and interesting people, and then create ways to better serve them.

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