Sweet Feeders, LLC

Handcrafted hummingbird feeders. Made by our family, for your family.
Caleb and Lindsey started Sweet Feeders as a small family enterprise with a primary presence at Texas craft shows. When the kids became school-aged, though, traveling around the state was no longer an option.

Sweet Feeders, however, gave us the opportunity to work together as a family full-time; a dream come true! The team is growing, but we love our tight-knit crew. We still operate out of a converted garage and shop built in Caleb's backyard, and share lunch around the kitchen table or shop benches. On work days when we finish orders early, you'll often find the team throwing a frisbee or playing yard games a step outside of the shop. We love spending time outdoors, and enjoy our own hummingbird visitors every spring and summer in Texas!
Sweet Feeders provides nature enthusiasts, who are dissatisfied with conventional hummingbird feeders, with minimal and easy-to-use feeders for a more enjoyable bird-watching experience.

Order yours today and invite the enchanting world of hummingbirds into your backyard!

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